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Username Post: Fusion 3.1 Final 2
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11-25-10 03:41 PM - Post#84911    

Uploaded a New File into the member area. Its Fusion 3.1 with alot of Bug Fixes. Look at the Bug Index Forum as to what was fixed.

Besides bug fixes things that snuck into 3.1 Final 2

1) autocomplete for finding things easier in the admin panel..

2) Rewrite of all javscript to utilize JQUERY

3) Rewrite of Lightbox code to use JQuery Lightbox

4) Rewrite of Userpage code to use JQuery UI

5) Session Table now uses the InnoDB Engine rather than the ISAM Engine. Please check with your host prior to installtion to make sure you have the latest PHP and MYSQL versions as well as the ability to use InnoDB for session table.
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