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Well, I've been using (7 years) and thinking about Fusion BB for quite a while and I've come to the conclusion that it's the best damn forum software out there. ...
FusionBB User Testimonials 0   682 06-13-13 10:03 PM
Converted a site over
I just finished setting up an older forum to run FusionBB. The install of Fusion went perfect without a single hitch. I then ran the conversion utility included with Fusion to convert the site from UBBT 7.x and it went perfect except for one item...
FusionBB User Testimonials 0   4290 10-12-09 01:55 PM
3.1 Changelog
Here we will keep a running list of things fixed and added in 3.1. Stay tuned, this post will be a work in progress. ...
FusionBB Changelog 6   3388 09-26-09 03:25 PM
FusinBB Team: Thank You
Hi, The major work with the site Professional Excel Development is now done and it has been officially launched. The reason why I decided to use FusionBB was three folded: * FusionBB appeared to be an easy software to work with. I lack al...
FusionBB User Testimonials 0   2682 05-18-09 05:33 AM
Recent Blog Particle Box
Body: Code:  <table border='0' cellpadding='3'  cellspacing='{$skin['cellspacing']}' width='100%'>  <tr><th class='theader'>Active Blogs</th></tr> <tr><td ali...
Articles 3   3727 11-19-08 06:05 PM
(Applies to Versions 3.0 and newer of FusionBB) Upgrading and Setting Up MPP Please note: If you have previously used MPP (MyPaymentPal) on your site, your original settings are saved in your config/mpp_config.php file. Before upgrading t...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1234 11-11-08 11:44 PM
I love FusionBB
So much I just purchased a 3rd license! Fusion ROCKS! ...
FusionBB User Testimonials 0   3117 09-29-08 07:54 PM
What in the world took me so long to switch to Fusion?
I ran UBBThreads for seven years and was never really happy with it. I knew Josh and Dave had run off to create their own BB software and for the life of me I can't figure out what took me so long to finally getting around to checking it out. Boy am...
FusionBB User Testimonials 1   2933 08-13-08 08:13 PM
[IN QUEUE] Templates: Template Editor
Need to add: *path *need more info on the second dropdown box ('cp') *ditto on the Copy template option (far right) *any other blah blah that's needed ...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1125 07-28-08 08:09 PM
[IN QUEUE] Post/Poster Ranking
CTs changelog post about it--with pics *add details on how to do each *admin and others may have it set that they have to approve your ranking before it will become official ...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1112 07-26-08 12:09 AM
(Applies to versions 3.0 and newer of FusionBB) Use the FAQ Editor to quickly add and edit your site's Frequently Asked Questions list. To edit your FAQs, go to: AdminCP >> Language >> Edit FAQ Editing Your FAQs T...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1243 07-26-08 12:07 AM
[IN QUEUE] Skins: Skin Editor
Super cool facts about this topic: *new to 3.0 *include images *include paths ***Put links to and from this topic--or just leave 'as is'--it will list out right below the current topic. Or do both ...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1105 07-25-08 08:30 PM
[COMPLETED/ADDED TO eSUPPORT SITE] Calendar: Managing Holidays
(Applies to versions 3.0 and newer of FusionBB) The 'Manage Holidays' section of the AdminCP allows you to customize your site calendar even more than before. To add specialized holidays or dates, go to: AdminCP >> Portal &g...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1154 07-25-08 08:02 PM
For this topic: *info should be added to the Admin and User Calendar topics *Images as needed *Path to or how to get there *How to work with--if different from regular calendar. If it's the same, then reference that fact **Edit** ...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1175 07-25-08 07:59 PM
[IN PROCESS] Passwords: Resetting
What is needed for this wonderful topic: *This is a 3.0 and newer topic *Images of the password-resetting area of the AdminCP *Path to the place to do all this fun CTs changelog posting--with pictures TO RESET PASSWORD BY LOGI...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1169 07-25-08 07:56 PM
[IN QUEUE] Link attachments to a PT /Poster
What is needed.... *Version (perhaps put 'applies to all' & if someone grumbles that it doesn't work with 'version blah blah', send them off to peel potatoes? ) *This topic includes a MySQL query language dealie--so will probably...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1117 07-25-08 07:53 PM
Forums: Forum Rules Setup
(Applies to versions 2.0 and newer of FusionBB) Setting up and customizing the rules for your forum is easily done by going to the following area: AdminCP >> Edit >> Inserts Rules Insert Section ...
General Site Administration 0   5084 07-25-08 07:47 PM
Need Even More Customizations? FusionBB Dev is THE Place to Go!
Want to go beyond the topics we have here? Need a special customization just for your site? If you're looking for mods for your FusionBB-based messageboard, FusionBB Dev is the place to go! FusionBB Dev is the official home for hac...
Customizing FusionBB 0   2286 07-14-08 03:33 AM
[COMPLETED/ADDED TO eSUPPORT SITE] Force Users to Re-Accept Your Forum Rules
(Applies to versions 3.0 and newer of FusionBB) Starting with Version 3.0, administrators have the ability to force all users to have to re-accept the forum rules. This is useful if you make a change to the rules or s...
The Bubbling Cauldron 0   1307 06-24-08 09:03 PM
Tips for Keeping Your FusionBB Site Secure
(Applies to all versions of FusionBB) Listed below are some things you can do to increase the level of security for your forums: 1. Always upgrade to the latest stable version. 2. Password protect your fusion/cp directory using .htaccess ...
General Site Administration 0   1722 06-19-08 08:29 PM
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