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Managing Images
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) There are several settings that you can use to manage images on your FusionBB messageboard: Setting the Maximum Image File Size That Will Display Inline 1. Log into the Admin CP 2. Click on F...
General Site Administration 0   1109 07-16-07 03:38 PM
Managing File Sizes
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) This aspect of FusionBB is controlled by group permissions. Managing Allowed File Sizes 1. Log into the Admin CP 2. Open the Forums section. 3. Click on Edit Permissions 4. Start at the top ...
General Site Administration 0   1141 07-16-07 03:28 PM
Cron Tasks
Cron Tasks (Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) On a server, a Cron Task is an automated task, which automatically executes on a recurring basis. A typical cron task might send out email subscriptions daily to users who have subscribed ...
General Site Administration 0   1698 07-16-07 12:23 AM
In this topic: Setting up a forum for RSS Publication. Setting up External RSS Inclusion. Troubleshooting Common RSS Problems. Setting Up a Forum for RSS Publication (Applies to: versions 1.0 and newer of FusionBB) How to setu...
Customizing FusionBB 0   1213 07-15-07 10:39 PM
Configuring FusionBB
In this topic: Activating the FusionBB 404 Error Page. Editing the Custom Closed Message. Enabling Access to the site when closed. Enabling the Small-Screen template for users. Activating the FusionBB 404 Error Page. (Applie...
FusionBB Pre-Installation & Installation 0   924 07-13-07 11:11 PM
Small-Screen template: Enabling
(Applies to: versions 2.0 and newer of FusionBB) FusionBB has a small screen template made just for mobile and PDA users. If the FusionBB website you're visiting has this option enabled, you can change the User Template to allow you to eas...
Basic FusionBB Information & "How To's" 0   997 07-12-07 06:15 PM
Badges: What are those little letters by some user's names?
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) The capital letters inside small colored boxes, located to the upper-left of some users' names, designate the site administrators, moderators, or other dignitaries of the site. (They are also known as badges...
Commonly Asked Questions 0   1243 07-12-07 05:58 PM
Favorite Topics and Subscribed Topics
Subscribed Topics (Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) FusionBB allows the user to subscribe to topic threads that they are interested on following on a regular basis. This is accomplished in the Reply window while making a post: bene...
Basic FusionBB Information & "How To's" 0   970 07-12-07 05:40 PM
Calendar Information
(Applies to: versions 2.0 and newer of FusionBB) The Calendar is an important part of the FusionBB messageboard software. The calendar has two views: Public Events and Public Birthdays. The 'Public Events' view allows your administrato...
Basic FusionBB Information & "How To's" 0   1071 07-12-07 05:04 PM
Welcome to FBB Docs!
Greetings! Thank you for taking a moment to check out the Documentation Resource for the FusionBB messageboard software (aka FBB Docs)! We hope that you will be able to find the answers to your questions here! If you see any information...
Welcome to the Documentation Resource for FusionBB! 0   3186 07-12-07 01:26 AM
Using the FBB Docs Topics and Tutorials on your FusionBB-based website
Administrators: You may use all or part of the topics and narrated, visual tutorials in the the FusionBB Documentation Resource (aka 'FBB Docs') on your FusionBB-based website as long as you give due credit to this website and this Documentation ...
Welcome to the Documentation Resource for FusionBB! 0   3145 07-12-07 01:23 AM
Display Settings
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) The Display Settings page enables you to customize your messageboard experience. To adjust your display settings, navigate to: 'My Fusion' tab >> Your Control Panel >> Display Settings ...
User Documentation 0   2055 07-12-07 12:52 AM
Narrated Visual Tutorials for Users
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) These narrated, visual tutorials (in .mov format) by FusionBB Moderator Stephen Dolenski will help guide your users through the 'registering', 'logging in', and 'making a post' process. Please Note: If yo...
User Documentation 0   2474 07-12-07 12:19 AM
Permissions: Resyncing After an Upgrade
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) If you've just upgraded to a newer version of FusionBB, then find that you aren't able to turn on various forum permissions (for instance, allowing HTML posting), make sure that you resync the permission...
FusionBB Pre-Installation & Installation 0   969 07-11-07 10:08 PM
Forum Layout/Import: Common Questons
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) Commonly Asked Forum Layout/Import Questions Question: I want to keep my current forum set up after I import my site over to FusionBB. Will I be able to migrate over and keep things the way they are rig...
FusionBB Pre-Installation & Installation 0   908 07-11-07 10:02 PM
Narrated Visual Tutorials: Installing FusionBB...from Start to Finish
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) The following narrated visual installation tutorials (in .mov file format) were designed by FusionBB Moderator Stephen Dolenski. [Followed in order, they will guide you through the entire install proc...
FusionBB Pre-Installation & Installation 0   1195 07-11-07 09:53 PM
Installing or Upgrading FusionBB
(Applies to: version 2.0+ of FusionBB) (These instructions apply to the upgrading of all FBB versions 1.0 and newer as well as the clean installation of FBB versions 2.0 and newer.) Reminder: Always back up your site and database prior t...
FusionBB Pre-Installation & Installation 0   1134 07-11-07 07:21 PM
Pre-Install Check
(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB) Before installing FusionBB for the first time, you should check to make sure that your host meets the needed requirements to run the software. This can be easily done by downloading a .zip file written...
FusionBB Pre-Installation & Installation 0   1134 07-11-07 06:21 PM
Post your Topic Ideas, Tweaks, & Comments here!
Have an idea for a topic or video tutorial? See something in an existing topic that needs a tweak or two? Or just want to send kudos for how great the FBB Docs resource is? Post it in this thread! We'll read every post and will do ou...
Welcome to the Documentation Resource for FusionBB! 5   8653 07-11-07 05:33 PM
Important FusionBB Logo Information
This information applies to ALL versions of FusionBB. * Versions 2.0 and previous: o The copyright link back to the main site MUST remain in the footer. The FusionBB logo may be removed. * Versions 2.1 and newer: o The l...
Welcome to the Documentation Resource for FusionBB! 0   3050 07-11-07 04:46 PM
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