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Username Post: neat backup script I found is
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07-11-07 11:26 PM - Post#46933    
    In response to greg

Well and the host should retain their own backups - because you could have a server situation - bad drive etc... where you've got to reload stuff, and if the host isn't keeping a backup then you'll end up with empty webspace and have to restore everything yourself.

Stuff happens, hard drives die, gosh a server could go poof, but a good host would be able to replace the hardware or restore the site on a different box and minimize the downtime. If you're the only one in possession of your backups that could happen.

That said, you should also download your own backups periodically - no matter how good your hosts backup procedures are. Even vertex As things do happen, you having your own copy of your backup from time to time, is just one more layer of protection against data loss.

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