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08-22-07 12:13 PM - Post#71369    
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You know, everybody seems to forget just how difficult it is to develope a new piece of software and all the new features. People keep screaming for more and more features for FusionBB, but don't seem to want to wait while the designers figure out the different ways to code those features in and if there is really a large enough demand FOR those features. Like Couch said in a different post, will those even be cost effective to code into the product? Will enough people want them to justify the added cost and bloat associated with them? For me, all I desire is a form that allows my users to communicate with each other and pass along usefull information as it relates to the trucking industry and allow me to spot a few advertisements in strategic areas of my forums. Not all forum software can nor should it be a cure all for everyones needs and desires, no matter what a few people want. Josh and company have done an incredible job, considering they all have other jobs that they just perform in order to support their efforts at providing us with a quality product that performs and in many cases out performs other products in dependability at a lower cost, not counting the free solutions out there. I've holding my tounge, so to speak, but I guess it's time to speak out. All I can say if you are that disatisfied with Fusion, then perhaps you should look elsewhere for your solutions. Me, I'm perfectly happy to await the new developments that are coming down the road as I know they will be worth the wait.

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