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11-13-06 10:00 AM - Post#37259    
    In response to Don

Am I the only one seriously considering going back to "that other php board"?

Just a glance at all the recent posts at ubbdev.com gave me a stomach ache. Is the FBB development community dying?

Going Fusion was a real pain. But sad to say, I´m not any longer sure it was worth the effort.

The way I see it FBB 1.0 may be a nice little product, but it has nothing really new to offer (sure, it´s stable and works fine from a technical point of view ... but then what?) and is more of a tech demo than a serious competition-butt-kicking product.

The plans for FBB 2.0 and later versions are great. Like MPP; not have the need for third party products to run critical functions is excellent. But without a live release all of this is just empty sales talk.

If 2.0 is not out really soon ... I just can´t wait another 6 month for 2.0 with MPP. I need it this year! I´d rather pay that small fortune to get transferred back to Threads and then pay another license fee for a working third party payment solution this year.

The idea of MPP integration indicates that the Fusion team believes they have the opportunity to sell this product to people who has got a plan on how to make some serious money on their boards. And that is really good thinking. But this permanent (?) delay clearly shows that the Fusion team are not taking this matter seriously. Where will you find that board owner with a plan to make some money, and who is ready to delay the estimated income increase and planed board development indefinitely just because the Fusion team can´t say what year they will deliver? That person does not exist, trust me on this. If the Fusion team can´t deliver others can. This gives me the feeling FBB is and will stay as a hobby/consumer product and not that cutting edge proffesional system the Fusion team have been bragging about. It´s like pushing a Photoshop killer, when all you' ve got in store is Microsoft Paint!

If I have learned anything from this, it is to only look at what is in store and for sale right now. I know that the decision to move from UBBT to FBB was my own (and I hade loads of complaints on UBBT and Infopop), and I´m not blaming anyone else for making it. I should have known better then listening to sales talk. What I´m saying is that I´m getting good and ready to cut my losses and leave. FBB might be that butt-kicking product some day. But that day is yet to come.

I´d rather eat the half baked potato any day of the week, rather than starve in wait for the foie gras.
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