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11-01-11 08:46 AM - Post#85798    
    In response to sb1962

The issue I have is the stylesheet.css needs to be changed for the small screen version. The reason is because of the font size needs to be changed on most everything. What I did was point that template to a pda skin so it doesn't affect the regular site templates. The only thing wrong with that is not everyone uses the same skins so they will have to edit the skin to match their site.

What I did was to just make a copy of my skin and renamed it to *skinname*pda and edit that. Anyway I don't know if the one on the test site needs to be the professional skin since that is what the test site is or if I just need to blank it out so people can add their colors or what. I'm thinking that the best way to do it might be just creating a stylesheetpda.css in the original skin folder and when switching to the small screen have it switch to that but I'm not sure if that is possible.

Oh and I also heard back from the Tapatalk people this morning. They don't have a plugin for Fusionbb but we can have one made. They said the price for a developer to do it would be between 2k and 4k. I can throw some money at it but not that much.

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