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Username Post: 3.1 Beta - RELEASED        (Topic#11615)
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03-18-10 06:41 AM - Post#83994    

FusionBB 3.1 Beta has been released to the client download area.

If you have questions about how to access the download area PT me or open a support ticket. I have posted articles about this before and will update this post to link to those shortly.

Big thumbs up to Couch, Josh, Chris, Greg and the Alpha team for making this happen. Due to the alpha teams time, dedications and great feedback to our team we have a better product to show for it.

This is a BETA release. As always we never recommend updating a live environment with a BETA release. Your license does allow you to run a test / sandbox install and we recommend you do a trial upgrade first.

Don't forget to always make a backup of your files and database before making an upgrade.

Please give us your feedback on this release as that helps us move forward from a beta to a gold / final release.

Some notes from Couch regarding the install:
1) Backup your site and its templates/skins/config

2) Now that you have a copy of your site delete skins and template directories

3) Copy all files from install over to site

4) Run the install

5) Change any custom templates to the new directory format. I would suggest examining the
fusionbb directory structure to see what is where. Also notice the new userpage and mail
directory structures.

Copy any custom templates over to server make sure to change the template directory name
to something other than fusionbb and smallscreen

6) Change any custom templates to the new directory format. I would suggest taking one of
the default ones and using that as a basis for any custom skins. This will be how the
format is from here out.

Copy any custom skins over to server make sure to change the skins directory name to
something other then the default ones

7) Go into the admin panel and set any new config variables.

Go to Admin Panel -> Site Tools -> Edit Skins and Edit Templates and import any
skins/templates that are not in the db, they should be the ones that appear with the
asterisk (*)

## If on a suphp or IIS Server your files will be owned by the site owner. If not on suphp
or IIS you will notice that files are now owned by the user that apache is set to write
files as. most cases it could be user 99, nobody, or apache. This will be dependent upon
how your host has your server setup. If for some reason your ftp program cannot change
file permissions or overwrite files there are two files included now to fix permissioning
one is in Admin Panel -> Miscellaneous -> Unlock Files, and other is in your main
directory called unlock.php which can be run as http://yoursite.com/yourforum/unlock.php

## Reasoning behind new setup for skins/templates directories is that it was becoming harder
to know what files were missing from each and the ever increasing time it was taking to
do an upgrade. From here on out it will be a lot easier, faster, and more reliable.

Discuss this post HERE.
Billy Cooter
Managing Partner, VertexHost.com

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