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Username Post: Just a noye-all dual quads + now        (Topic#11592)
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02-13-10 05:53 PM - Post#83910    

I don't comment on my company much, I mainly come here for help since I administer a Fusion forum for a client with nobody that can (an association, and I'm trying to train some but then one quits, have get another volunteer, start over, and so it goes-but they are my largest client (multiple sites) so I do it for them.
But I just had to mention that as of this week-end or by Tues at latest we have have completed our system wide upgrade and all shared servers will be dual Quad Core Xeon with min. 8GB ECC memory and SCSI RAID O with daily/weekly/monthly backups--screamers.

Just a good step for us in this economy to be upgrading to at least dual-quads. They don't have them yet but next year they are supposed to have dual 8 cores! Then the problem will be enough ports to deliver content at that speed (and the price) but technology is marching on.
I think the dual-quad core level will be a very good "standard" for quite some time. Just had to add a pat on the back for us and mention that no host should act like Fusion is a huge deal --it's not. Hosting it is easy the one client I have that I admin it for uses very little resources (more visitors, photos, sidebars, shoutboxes and all that) and STILL uses less resources than a basic Free forum I have on the same server with only 1/2 the capabilities.
It's very efficient and user friendly.

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White and Nerdy
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02-16-10 12:24 PM - Post#83915    

    In response to Don

sounds like it. Do you guys use cpanel?
I noticed you guys use a customized version, with Fantastico, but is it cpanel?

I am used to using cpanel thats why I wondered, anything else would be a learning curve. lol Besides, as many times as I've had to switch hosts for various reasons, nothing beats cpanel's server to server transfer script, cpanel is pretty much the standard for all that these days.

Now this is a question for any hosting provider, when a host says they offer daily/weekly/monthly backups, are they talking about that script in cpanel? or are they talking about their own backups?

It doesn't happen often, but like last year, my host went out of business. then I moved to a new town so I was between banks and couldn't pay my bill exactally on the day the billing cycle starts, Luckily they were able to transfer everyone over, but that got me to thinking,
because during that whole move, switching bank accounts, etc etc, I ended up loosing my blog, my forum, and everything else. During that particular time, my computer was also in the shop being fixed, and some idiot over there mixed around my C: and D: drives. he formatted my D: which had my site backups on it, since I can't afford an external drive, so everything was lost including my backups.

In a situation like that, or in a situation like that where my personal backups get deleted but I make a mistake updating a forum and I want to perform, well what they call in WIndows a system restore, hehe, is that possible?

because I've been with some hosts who don't do their own backups, so when you have to restore back to a previous point, your pretty much screwed.
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02-17-10 02:15 AM - Post#83916    

    In response to White and Nerdy

Every host is always going to do backups differently.

Not sure how Don does it but I know at VertexHost we have probably 20 different back up schematics. We back up our shared and reseller servers one way but we have a lot of dedicated server clients and they all want different levels of backups that are designed for their needs and budget.

Some machines are backed up with just cpanel backups to a second drive, so no that is not like a windows box....that just lets us restore the sites, db's etc. after we do a full system set up (re: os reinstall, cpanel reinstall, etc.)

Then we do offer R1Soft backups as well, which basically takes a snapshot of the disks and lets us restore everything including the OS.

Then on some boxes (like our shared / reseller boxes) we actually do both.

So backups can become pretty complex, but it is definitely important that any host you use has a solid backup strategy.

Billy Cooter
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02-18-10 10:36 PM - Post#83929    

    In response to VertexBilly

For you Mac Lovers.. the R1Soft Backups on Vertex are my favorite! They let you pick a file back in time and restore it. (Like you can find a file and not have the restore the whole site.) The R1Soft backup has saved my ***** on more than one occasion.

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