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Username Post: [FIXED] [3.1] Finished 1 - image order in file manager        (Topic#11784)
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11-11-10 06:28 PM - Post#84862    

Subject: [3.1] Finished 1 - image order in file manager

Bug for: Fusion [3.1] Finished 1 -

Description: Goes back to 2.2 for me but had a crop of complaints recently - on both my 3.1 sites. I've reported this before & was told they should load in the file manager in the order they are uploaded. I find they can load from first at the top or visa versa & switch part way through.

I'll let the member explain

  • Quote:
I'm trying to add photo's, in a particular order, to a reference gallery post.
I have no problems optimising the images but when I am uploading the files will suddenly start being added to the wrong end of the list - i.e. file #1 will be at the top of the list then the next few files will be added below this as you would expect but then the next file will be added above file #1.
I have tried several times and the same thing happens but not always at the same point (file No.).
On a couple of occasions the files were being loaded in reverse order i.e. I input file #1 but file #2 was loaded above #1. File #3 above file #2 and so on. So, I tried again by loading in reverse order and that was going OK until the next file was loaded at the other end of the list.

Any suggestions as to how I can overcome these problems would be welcome as I am finding this a bit frustrating.

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11-12-10 09:18 AM - Post#84868    

    In response to sb1962

in managefiles.php find


 $sql "     SELECT    file_id,file_type,file_size,file_name,file_thumb,file_med,user_id     FROM " TABLE_PREFIX "files     WHERE file_post_hash = '" addslashes($hash) . "' ";  

and change to


 $sql "     SELECT    file_id,file_type,file_size,file_name,file_thumb,file_med,user_id     FROM " TABLE_PREFIX "files     WHERE file_post_hash = '" addslashes($hash) . "'     ORDER BY file_created ";  

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11-12-10 01:04 PM - Post#84871    

    In response to Couchtomatoe

Thanks Couch!

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