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Username Post: Timing Error        (Topic#11974)
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09-27-11 08:33 AM - Post#85716    

Hi, some of my members and I have been experiencing this error “Your request timed out, please try your request again” as we reply to random posts. It’s not always, but sometimes…it just started occurring out of the blue. Has nothing to do with timing on the members part to post, because it could be a quick reply and post and yet the error page pops up. I have to go back, then click on the thread topic, then post and it goes fine. It’s not always, but does happen.

Any ideas, suggestions?
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09-27-11 09:37 AM - Post#85717    

    In response to AvidHerper

Hi - is the error page a browser page or a forum page? If the former do you get an error number such as 500?

If it is 500 it could be server load (maybe caused by someone else running a heavy script if you share a server) or something within your forum asuing extra load. I've had both issues of late. My service had to kill a script being run by another user on our server plus Josh discoveed we were getting massive hits from Bing search bots(6000 sessions at one time) & added a file to limit them. I've also taken a loo kat other things that can slow down performance as per Josh's notes here

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09-27-11 03:25 PM - Post#85718    

    In response to sb1962

No error page at all anywhere at any point, forum and everything works fine.

It’s just when every now and then when someone replies to a post, and it has happened to me as well, it will give you that “Time ran out” page.
FusionBB Contributor
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09-27-11 04:03 PM - Post#85719    

    In response to AvidHerper

This is all you get at times:
Your request timed out. Please retry the request.

No error, just a page with that statement above.
FusionBB Developer
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09-28-11 12:29 AM - Post#85721    

    In response to AvidHerper

If it doesn't look like an error page from the forum (ie same header, colors etc... as all your other fusion pages) then it would be a message coming from your webserver, which can be due to a variety of reasons (high server load, script activity of other sites on the server etc...).

Check your server logs or with your web host as to the real cause of the error.

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