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Username Post: What Hosting provider does everyone use?        (Topic#4163)
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06-17-07 09:26 PM - Post#46055    

    In response to mpnev

Hi Mpnev,

I am glad you are seeing an increase in speed.

Welcome to Fusion and to VertexHost

Billy Cooter
Managing Partner, VertexHost.com

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06-20-07 08:02 PM - Post#46219    

    In response to VertexBilly

thanks billy

FYI - billy is FAST in responding to issues!!!

Vertex has helped this be a smooth transition... thank you kindly!
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09-07-07 09:36 AM - Post#71763    

    In response to mpnev

I'm with Crosswinds on a shared server for $113 per year. Certainly the cheaper end of the market but my site is non-commercial with just one pre-paid banner & donations to cover cost of hosting etc. There only appears to be 2 people in the company with one (the CEO) who is hands-on with the hardware. I've been pleased with the service & although their website isn't up to much in appearance or updates their email support is good. We just had a free doubling of space to 3000mb, useful as the move to FBB with photo uploads will take more.

The basics:

Free Domain Registration/Transfer, 3000 MB Web Space, 75000 MB Transfer, Unlimited Email Addresses, 25 MySQL database, Unlimited SubDomains, Unlimited FTP Account, CGI-BIN/Perl/PHP, FrontPage, 1 Email List, 3 Parked Domains, 0 AddOn Domains

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12-19-07 05:19 PM - Post#74738    

    In response to sb1962

I use me... but then that's because I'm affiliated with the organization that I run Fusion for and also host their 3 sites. So hosting Fusion is no problem and we have all the goodies like the best ant-spam/anti-virus available, firewall/long-since cPanel 11, choice of PHP 4 or 5, and mainly no overselling period.
But I am no coder so I do not offer Fusion or any other "3rd party" specific support and because of my disabilities I prefer "low maintenance" customers who don't need rapid support at 3 am etc.
But we can handle Fusion's demands easily (it's really coded well so it's easy on the servers) and also if you know anyone who needs a great DIY site builder we offer the best on the market as a freebie.
I'm definitely a "niche" guy (no 24/7 fast support and I as I said I don't offer 3rd party support even for Fusion but I keep good equipment/latest software/high uptime and uncrowded boxes on fast ports from Equinix in Chicago so you can e-mail if you have questions and just need a basic, solid, host. (No shell access-security comes first)

PS: By latest I don't mean "bleeding edge" but soon I'll fire up a box with Apache 2 and the latest MySQL so I can start seeing the things I'll need to be working on for when they become the standard instead of just the newest.

(and Josh if this is inappropriate just delete it, didn't see it in the rules but don't mean to violate anything)

New Idea Hosting: Honesty, Dependability, No-Overselling!

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01-22-08 09:34 PM - Post#75540    

    In response to Don

Time for another huge THANK YOU BILLY AND VERTEXHOST! Post! Over the weekend I pretty much ran out of room for my Truckers Road account. An email to Billy had it solved in less than 24 hours. He set me up with a different plan that not only solved my current issue, but should keep me running without space issues for several years now. Once again I was reminded of why I use Vertex and keep on using them! You just can't beat their customer service, it has to be the best in the business.

American Patriots

Tombstone Pictures

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01-29-08 02:38 AM - Post#75740    

    In response to greg

ElementalHosting, 1and1 and HostingHTML and I am slowly moving all my sites over to HostingHTML

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08-29-13 03:03 AM - Post#86412    

    In response to White and Nerdy

Hi White and Nerdy,
For the past two years,I am using XnYnZ.com for my web hosting at low price.They provide good service with reliability.

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