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Article by Lori    (07-16-07 03:49 PM)

(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB)

FusionBB has a very powerful permission system, which allows the site admin to micro-manage (if they desire) various features and functions.

In their simplest form, they can control who can see what forum or category... but in their advanced form, you can determine what user groups can see post counts, can use private topics, how many files they can attach, who can vote in polls etc.... The possibilities are endless, and the vast array of permissions may well be FusionBB's most powerful feature.

There are three types of Permissions in FusionBB.

  • Control Panel Permissions - These permissions control what groups can do certain actions in the FusionBB Admin control panel. This is useful in determining what your Moderators and Super Moderators can do. You can also assign control panel permissions to any usergroup.

    o To access this area:

    My Fusion >> Admin Area >> Permissions >> Control Panel

  • Site Permissions - These permissions control a variety of site features and functions on a usergroup basis. For example, what usergroups can use avatars, who can have signatures, who can see IP addresses, who can view the online page.

    o To access this area:

    My Fusion >> Admin Area >> Permissions >> Site

  • Forum Permissions- These permissions control a variety of features and functions, within a forum or category. Using these permissions, you can control who can see what forums or categories, who can post and how often, who can reply and how often, who can attach files and how many and what filesizes, who can edit posts, who can use markup, who can use HTML and more.

    o To access this area:

    My Fusion >> Admin Area >> Forums >> Edit Permissions

    Please Note!

  • If you or a member are having problems with not having the correct permissions, check to see what user groups you (or the member) is assigned to. In some instances, the User group restrictions will take precedence over all other group restriction settings (including the Administrator group). If you are a member of a group with more restrictions, try removing yourself from that group and save your changes to see if it fixes your problems.

  • With settings related to things like file sizes, numbers of files, etc--you need to set it to a HIGHER number, rather than lower or to 0. Zero (0) does NOT disable the limit--just makes it the most restrictive setting possible.

(Thanks to FBB Developer Josh Pettit, Admin Chris Peterson, Moderator Stephen Dolenski, and Alpha Tester Greg King for this topic info!)

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