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Article by Lori    (07-20-07 03:54 PM)

(Applies to: all versions of FusionBB)

Adding Files and Polls to a Post

FusionBB allows users to append files and polls to their posts to share with other members.

(Please note: the administrator may have one or both of these abilities disabled. If you don't see the 'Manage Files' and/or the 'Manage Polls' links beneath the post reply box, check the site FAQs or contact your administrator for further information.)

To add a poll:

  • Start a new thread or reply to an existing post.

  • In the text editing screen, below the Body section, click the Manage Polls link. Next to this link, you can see how many polls are already added to this post (if any).

  • A pop up box will appear: it will tell you how many polls you are allowed to add. Click the Add a poll button to continue.

  • This screen is where you give the poll a title (ask your question), determine how many choices there will be and what type of responses you can collect. When done, click the Continue button to proceed to the next step.

  • List your options (answers) to the poll. Click the Continue button when done with this step.

  • The next step allows you to determine a start and end date , and how the results are displayed: do not display results until poll ends or hide results from users until they vote. If neither choice is checked, users will be able to click a link at the bottom of the poll and see the results before they vote. Click the Continue button to proceed to the final screen.

  • This screen allows you to add another poll or edit the poll just appended. To remove a poll, simply check the box next to the word Remove in the listing next to the poll. Clicking Update will revise the poll listing (either with the changed poll or by removing the poll you wanted to delete).

  • Click the Finished button to the poll to your post. Once you've completed your post/post reply, Click the Add Post button to upload your new post and poll.

    Please also note: Polls can not be removed or changed except by the administrator (or other persons as designated by the admins). Contact them should you have any changes or concerns.

    To add a file:

  • Start a new thread or start a reply to an existing one.

  • In the text editing screen, below the Body section, click the Manage Files link. Next to this link is the information about allowed file types, maximum file size, and if there are already attachments to the post.

  • This window allows you to add, upload and remove files. To upload a file, click Browse and select the file from your hardrive. Then click Add.

  • Review the files you have added at the bottom of the window. When you are done, click Finished to add the file to your post.

  • From this screen, you can specifically place image files in your post. Please see Moving Images Around in Posts for more information.

Deleting or Adding Additional Files

Deleting files from or adding more files to your posts is easy to do.

Please note : there may be a time limit during which you can delete or add another file. Your administrator also may have disabled editing of posts for your user group and/or site. (If you have any questions regarding this, please check your sites' FAQs or contact your administrator.)

Please also note : Polls can not be removed or changed except by the administrator (or other persons designated by the admins). Contact them should you have any changes or concerns.

To add another file to your post: simply follow the same steps as you did to upload your original file. Please note that your administrator has set a file size limit. This limit can be found near the Manage Files link or in the File pop up box.

To delete your file:

  • Click on the Edit button of your post containing the file you want to change or delete.

  • Scroll down to and click on the Manage Files link.

  • In the box that pops up, scroll down to the file you want to work with and click on the Remove button. (You may have to scroll horizontally to see this button.) This will remove the file and return you to the Manage Files pop up box.

  • If you want to add another file in place of the one you removed, you may do so now.

  • When you are done (or if you don't want to upload another file), click the Finished button to confirm your choice.

    The pop up box will disappear and you will be returned to the edit screen for your post.

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