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Username Post: New FusionBB Documentation Resource Section is Now Open!        (Topic#9786)
Chris Peterson
FusionBB Fanatic
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Location: West Fargo, ND
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11-08-07 12:10 AM - Post#73576    

I'm happy to announce that the newest section of the FusionBB site is ready to go live.

The FusionBB Documentation Resource has been a labor of love for Lori and she deserves a TON of credit and thanks for coming up with this idea to use FusionBB in a new way and to integrate our documentation within the software itself.

She's spent a lot of time updating topics and moving them from the Wiki to the new resource area.

Now you can search this site for what you are looking for and get the official documentation included in your search results as well!

We have been looking forward to this for some time and we know that there are areas of the documentation that still need work and we would greatly appreciate it if you let us know what is missing or what could use more development. Please use This Forum to add your ideas and updates for us to review.

We hope you find this new resource useful and informative.

So once again, thank you Lori for all your hard work! We really appreciate all your efforts with this new resource!

Laree Draper
FusionBB Enthusiast
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11-08-07 12:37 PM - Post#73580    

    In response to Chris Peterson

Outstanding! Thanks, Lori. We sure do appreciate it.
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FusionBB Fanatic
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11-08-07 01:07 PM - Post#73583    

    In response to Laree Draper

Many thanks - wasn't a big fan of the Wiki but what I've seen of the new set-up looks awesome. Must have been a big job.
Hats off to all involved.

FusionBB Fanatic
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Location: San Diego
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11-08-07 01:13 PM - Post#73584    

    In response to Chris Peterson

Thank you Lori and everyone involved.

It just keeps getting better!

FusionBB Documentation Goddess
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Location: Junction City, Kansas
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11-08-07 03:21 PM - Post#73586    

    In response to Claude

You're welcome & thanks for the kudos!

Now for a few kudos of my own:

* Thanks to Josh for giving the green light go-ahead [plus the permissions set ]. I appreciate his confidence that I wasn't going to b0rk up the entire FBB site. (Of course, that's probably why they make backups....... LOL)

* Thanks also to Chris P.-- for the continuing help and hard work he's been doing in regards to some of the more complicated topics, as well as providing the original 'sandbox' site where I worked out--months ago--the basic layout of a 'Documentation Resource' of which I hoped to convince Josh he needed one day...

* ...and thanks to everyone else (too numerous to mention)--this includes everyone who's helped out someone else with a problem here at the FBB site--allowing me to 'snitch' the problem/solution for the Wiki/Docs. This also gave/gives me a heads-up on what topics might need adding!

We're all doing this as a labor of love--we all have regular full-time jobs (or-in my case-part time job + community college classes/homework) that keep us busy, FBB is something that we work on in whatever 'spare time' we can find. The kudos are greatly appreciated

....and to think that the seedling idea all started because I got tired of mentally mixing up the Wiki-based coding and the markup coding & thought 'There has to be a better way!'

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FusionBB Developer
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11-08-07 07:19 PM - Post#73587    

    In response to Lori

Thanks so much Lori. I know this has been in the works for quite a while. Also thanks to Chris, I know he's put a great deal of effort into it as well. The wiki was a good idea once upon a time, but it's a separate place for people to search, thus people don't find what they need. Now with everything under one roof it will be easier to find everything.

Thanks Team!

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